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WoodWick® Candles are made using a high quality soy wax blend that is triple scented and “layered” with clear, single top notes and more complex middle and bottom notes. The result is strong, true-to-life scents with rich, sophisticated secondary notes for exceptional cold and hot throws.

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WoodWick Mini Hourglass Cinnamon Chai Candle



WoodWick Medium Hourglass Sun Ripened Berries Trilogy Candle



WoodWick Large Hourglass Sun Ripened Berries Trilogy Candle



WoodWick Hearthwick Sun Ripened Berries Trilogy Candle



WoodWick Vanilla Sol Artisan



WoodWick Sea Salt Magnolia Artisan


Artisan Medium

Woodwick Fern Decal Hearthwick


Decal Hearthwick

WoodWick Red Currant Cedar Artisan Hearthwick


Artisan Hearthwick

Candle Care

Tips for


  • Only burn candle for 3-4 hours at a time.
  • Trim wick to 5mm before each use by gently breaking off excess burnt wick.
  • Place lid back on when it’s not being used for a longer lasting fragrance.
  • Always discontinue use of candle when 1cm of wax remains.



  • Mini Candles  - 20 hours burning time
  • Medium Candles - 60 hours burning time
  • Large Candles - 120 hours burning time
  • Hearthwick Candles - 50 hours burning time
woodwick coastal sunset 3 sizes hourglass jar candle
Woodwick Coastal Sunset



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  • I love WoodWick candles! I generally buy their earthy/nature scents and I've never been let down. They do every thing you want a candle to do: burn evenly, last many hours, and smell nice.
  • These candles are incredible! Not only do they smell absolutely amazing, the way the wick crackles and dances makes it feel like you are sitting next to a tiny fireplace. It’s comforting, yet extremely functional as it fills your entire living space with fragrance.
  • Wood wick is our favorite brand of candles. We love their earthy scents. The wood wicks that pop and burst as they burn. There is nothing more relaxing than silence and listening to these candles burn. They also make really great gifts
  • I absolutely LOVE Woodwick candles. I am a candle junkie, so I am always on the lookout for natural smelling scents.

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